$30 each, which INCLUDES SHIPPING to any of the 48 states.  Please message me with questions.  Sometimes I'm offline on evenings or weekends due to other commitments, but I will get back to you ASAP.

Ships 3 and 4 from Bandai's ZERO TESTER.  (There were a total of four, but I only have these two left.)

0 tester 3_zpspjr1uqyf.jpg0 tester 4_zpsyw1la2d3.jpg

The Mars ship Zero-X from Gerry Anderson's THUNDERBIRDS ARE GO feature film and CAPTAIN SCARLET TV series.

thuderbirds zero-x_zpswjnxa42t.jpg

Ships 1, 2 and 3 from Bandai's Getter Machine series.  (There were only the three, so this is the complete run.)

Bandai Getter Machine No. 2 Jaguar_zps0sBandai Getter Machine No. 3 Bear_zpsirydBandai Getter Machine No. 1 Eagle_zpsa8e

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