It is astonishing how fast the new CHFB is growing -- welcome Modpro, FXRH, MMOaks, CaptKronos (under a new name, I think!), CapMonte, the isle of Waikiki, the optical one, Doctor 13 the medicine man, Ryan Brennan, Karlosi, RiotEngine, BixB, Bill Warren himself, Frank Dietz, Michael Brunas, Jim Clatterbaugh, Gary Svehla, even Bosko 52!

Can Lucy, Jessie, WalkM, the great Solvani, Japfeif, Senor Blake, Professor Skal, Metor, Zoticus, Gordon Shriver, Ted 'Crazy Shirt' Bohus, Fred the Rapper -- did he visit already? -- the colorization expert Mediacreat, the cool Godzilla guy and others from AOL's CHFB be far behind? Spread the word, everyone!

It is amazing, sad, strange and decidedly interesting to see how quiet AOL's CHFB has become. The continued database problems are surely a factor. It seems almost permanently broken. Even the phones are dead, it appears.

But on the plus side, the spirit and camaradarie of the CHFB seems to be surviving, and thriving, here in its place. Our collective aim, building on the Monster Kid forum folks who began all this and who must be watching with fascination and/or apprehension as this diaspora of monster folk shamble onto the scene here, but our collective aim is to build the best classic horror site in the world. Right here.

The CHFB lives on -- only stronger, faster, richer and wider. We expect this is just the beginning, and we're only yet at the foot of the castle.

We should all quietly plant links wherever we can. Tell friends. Post about it on the Usenet. Talk about it at Mobius. At Latarnia. At the old CHFB. In emails and snail mail, letters to the editor and agate in Rue Morgue. Spread the word subtly, insistently, a whisper in the shadows or a shout from the rooftops. Tell the yahoo groups, Lugosiphiles and Chillerites, Monster Bashers and Maniacs. Alert the Universal Monster Army and the horror host confederacies that the CHFB is not only alive, but something more: Let it be known that the CHFB Will Never Die.

Because here we are. Again.

"Man and woman created he them. Be fruitful, and multiply."