The Historic Bal Theatre and Bay Area Film Events present


Join us for a weekend that brings together the fact and fiction of your imagination!

BAFE adds a science fiction element to the Bal's established X-Fest convention. Like the intimate cons of decades past you can enjoy films, TV episodes, guests, panels, dealers, displays and more, all in one weekend without the lines and high priced access.

Our special guest of honor for the weekend is Marta Kristen, Judy Robinson from Lost in Space! And we can't have a Robinson without a Robot! The Lost in Space Robot will also be on hand for pictures and fun!

Speakers include Servando Gonzales, Jeffrey Gonzales, Ruben Uriarte and James Fox.

See panels on UFOs, conspiracy theories, special effects, a tribute to Gerry Anderson, the science in science fiction and more.

Enjoy your favorite Sci Fi films! The original War of the Worlds, The Last Starfighter, The Explorers, Serenity, plus episodes of Lost in Space!

We are currently working on dealers, displays and more surprises. This will be a weekend you won't want to miss!

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