I just wanted to say a massive thank you to all who nominated my blog and website for Rondo Awards this year.

I created the CYBERSCHIZOID persona and blog years ago in order to share my love of classic horror and science-fiction as well as in order to discuss and promote new genre ventures, films and projects from a variety of sources. I am honoured that so many people have acknowledged my work and passion and hope everyone votes for me (of course!)

The Classic Horror Campaign was founded in order to bring classic horror films back to British network television and introduce the classics to a new generation. This has grown into a joyous and interactive celebration of classic horror in film and television with regular monthly horror double bill screenings in London, a successful classic horror film festival (Frighten Brighton 2012), the support of Women In Horror Recognition Month with our own Women In Classic Horror Month and the creation of British Horror Month which takes place in August. 

CLASSIC HORROR CAMPAIGN - http://www.classichorrorcampaign.com/

Thank you to all those who vote for these sites and good luck to all nominees in all categories this year!
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