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Classic Horror Film Board

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Welcome to the Classic Horror Film Board, now 20 years young! This is THE place for all fans of classic horror, sci-fi and fantasy films to discuss their favorite characters, actors, movies and more.

MAKE NOMINATIONS NOW FOR THE (GASP!) 13TH ANNUAL RONDO HATTON CLASSIC HORROR AWARDS: Voting starts soon, but there's still a chance to suggest nominees. Add your voice in the Rondo Awards Forum.

ARROW RESPONDS TO CHFB SUGGESTIONS: Francesco Simeoni, the head of Arrow Films, responds to CHFB suggestionsrequests for films to release on Blu-Ray. Find it in the Classic Horror on DVD and Blu-Ray Forum.

A 'WEIRD' CHAT: Svengoolie airs the Inner Sanctum chiller, WEIRD WOMAN at 10 p.m. ET on Me-TV Saturday night. Included: The Svengoolie display at the Broadcast Museum. Talk about it in the Blind Hermit's Chat Room.

NECK BOLTS: Have you seen the MONSTERPALOOZA guest list?. >> Celebrate 20 Years oif CHFB!. >> Help fellow fans in the Monster Kids Helping Monster Kids Forum.

Important Forums Announcement: We have been hosting Yuku message boards with pride and dedication for nearly a decade. While preparing for Yuku's 10th birthday, we want to thank everyone who has been a member of the Yuku family. Grab your 10% off on all Gold and Supporter purchases today! Click here for more details.

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