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Classic Horror Film Board

Welcome to the Classic Horror Film Board, now 22 years young! This is THE place for all fans of classic horror, sci-fi and fantasy films to discuss their favorite characters, actors, movies and more.

RONDO WINNERS ANNOUNCED: You can find the winners of the (Gasp!) 15th Annual Rondo Hatton Classic Awards here now. See the winners, reaction and more in the Rondo Awards Forum.

SAD NEWS: Kathleen Crowley, who starred in 1950s films such as TARGET: EARTH and CURSE OF THE UNDEAD, has died at age 87.. Find details in the Final Farewells Forum.

NECK BOLTS: A seance to raise the ghost of Houdini planned at MONSTERAMA IN ATLANTA >> See photos from MONSTERPALOOZA >> Check out the cover of SCARY MONSTERS #104

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