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Welcome to the Classic Horror Film Board, now in its 20th year. This is the place for all fans of classic horror, sci-fi and fantasy films to discuss their favorite characters, actors, movies and more.

PHOTOS SHOW DEMOLITION OF SOUND STAGE 28: Supposedly the Phantom stage has been dismantled and preserved but judge for yourself in the Horror News and Events Forum.

THE MONSTER AND THE GIRL ... AND FREDDY KRUEGER?: Join the conversation Saturday night as Svengoolie airs 'The Monster and the Girl' at 10 p.m. ET on Me-TV, also featuring some rare recent footage of Robert Englund as Freddy. Avoid nightmares by staying awake in the Blind Hermit's Chat Room.

NECK BOLTS: Read about Robert Guffey's new novel, SPIES AND SAUCERS. >> Arrow Blu-Ray releases to include BLACK SABBATH/SUNDAY, GIRL WHO KNEW TOO MUCH/EVIL EYE. >> Quatermass lives as Kino plans Blu-Ray of QUATERMASS X-PERIMENT aka Creeping Unknown.

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