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Welcome to the Classic Horror Film Board, now in its 20th year. This is the place for all fans of classic horror, sci-fi and fantasy films to discuss their favorite characters, actors, movies and more.

PHANTOM STAGE MAY BE PRESERVED: Variety is reporting that Universal will try to preserve, or move, the historic Opera set used in the 1925 Phantom even as it goes ahead with plans to demolish the giant Stage 28 structure. Find out more in the Classic Horror News and Events Forum.

RUE MORGUE BUILDS IT UP! Losing a Rondo can be frustrating, but few have taken that disappointment to the level of our friends at Rue Morgue Podcast (who do have several Rondos to their credit). Check out their fabulous 'Buttercup' video in the Rondo Awards Forum.

NECK BOLTS: SEE super photos from the Superman TV show plaque dedication. >> SEE the Extras announced by Scream Factory on the Vincent Price II Blu-Ray Collection. >> SEE details from Lee Lambert's Illustrated History of Don Post Studios.

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